Client Options

Each client is unique, so each credit repair is customized to meet those needs. After the free analysis is complete, your Account Rep will recommend the best plan for you.

The Full Consumer Dispute (FCD) is our most popular program and the most affordable for clients who have more than four derogatory accounts on their credit.


 1. You sign the agreement and submit it with the required documents. By law we have to wait 3 business days to start on your file.

2. Within 30-45 days you will receive an updated copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax and Experian.)
3. When you receive all three of your updated credit reports, just mail or fax them to SCR for our records so we can update your file. 
4. SCR will continue to perform the FCD for four months on your behalf.

Money Back Guarantee!

If we are unable to remove an account, the customer will receive a full refund (per account.)

The process is quick, effective & totally legal.

You have absolutely nothing to lose but your bad credit. 

Whatever your credit repair needs may be, we are here to help with prices you can afford.

Our Services


Most clients don't realize not having positive credit can hurt your credit scores as much as having negative credit. Streamline can show you how to build positive credit.

1. Authorized User Accounts

2.Trade Lines

3. Alternative Credit Lines

4. Having the right amount of Trade Lines.

5. Having the correct amount of debt used to amount available

and much more.

We believe in educating our clients, so they can have good credit forever.

We Can Help Remove

• Late Payments
• Collections
• Bankruptcies
• Identity Theft
• Charge Offs
• Foreclosures Started
• Tax Liens
• Incorrect Personal Info
• Credit Inquires
• Judgments