"I have referred at least 20 clients to Streamline Credit repair.They have exceeded my expectations.

As the President of a successful mortgage company, I have a standard for my clients and my staff.

Streamline was a solid choice and I am very happy with them.

​Jim G

Mortgage Banker

"I hired Streamline Credit Repair on April 2nd to help me improve my credit scores. I wanted to buy the home I was leasing.

On June 4th my loan officer ran my credit and my scores had increased 85 points

I just funded my loan with a fantastic interest rate.
I can’t thank you enough Streamline.

​Jay T

Our Services

Streamline Credit Repair has successfully completed over 6,000 credit repairs

Here is a list of Items that we have removed from our clients credit reports. 

• Collection accounts
• Charge Offs
• Late Payments
• Liens
• Judgments
• Bankruptcies
• Foreclosures
• Credit Inquiries
• Identity Theft 

SCR can also show you how to add positive credit.

• Authorized user accounts
• Positive Trade lines
• Alternative Trade lines
• The proper amount of trade lines to have
• The correct amount of debt ratios to debt limits 

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Streamline Credit Repair is not a large Law firm with tens of thousands of clients.

We are a midsized company that has been built on referrals by Business professionals.

​Most of SCR clients have been referred by Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Companies, Financial Planners and Insurance Agents. 

Our clients get their very own Account Executive and Processor assigned to them.

We analyze your credit report and give you a no nonsense evaluation. If we believe we can help you, we will offer you a solution plan that's affordable

Our clients our updated regularly on the status of their account.
They can also text, email or call their Account Executive or Processor at anytime. 

Our clients are actively involved in the process of improving their credit.

​SCR understands the urgency that most of our clients need, whether it’s purchasing a new home, RV, car, boat or a refinance of their home. SCR knows how important these transactions can be.

​SCR strives to be the best at what we do. Customer service is our  number one priority.

Customer Care

Streamline Credit Repair has been helping clients repair their credit for over 10 years. 

We have successfully helped over 6,000 clients improve their credit and their lives. 

SCR looks forward to helping you improve your credit and your life.

SCR is here to help you, so take the first step and call us today.

Streamline Credit Repair.


"My name is Hugh and I have been a Mortgage Broker in Northern California for over twelve years.

I have used several credit repair companies over the years. Streamline Credit Repair is by far the best company I have found.

They are fast and they deliver results, not broken promises.

I will continue to send them all my clients. I highly recommend them.

​Hugh D

Our Clients